The Ultimate Guide on How to Exercise When You Are in Ketosis

exercise when you are in ketosis

When I began the keto diet, there was one thing I had trouble with: Exercise! During the first few days of the low-carb meal plan, I was exhausted, always too groggy to get up and continue my workout routine. Of course, the dwindling energy levels improved over time. However, I still found it quite tricky maintaining my performance. I'm sure many of you have also experienced the similar symptoms, which leave you wondering how to exercise when you are in ketosis!

To help you out, read on as I talk about what you need to know about working out on a keto diet and how to continue reaching your fitness goals.

Meditation for Health: Changing the World One Life at a Time

meditation for health

In ancient history, the art of meditation for health has been practiced in various forms across several cultures. It is believed to help one achieve a strong self-awareness leading to a more stable, calm and balanced as well as healthier mental and emotional state.

For a long time, meditation was only practiced in the West by gurus, hippies, and seekers of all kinds. Today, however, this ancient spiritual practice is popular among everyone from hedge fund managers to movie stars. In fact, many of the world’s most successful companies offer meditation sessions to their employees, and at least one sports team trains its athletes to meditate as well as play.