Everything You Need to Know About Cystic Acne Treatment

cystic acne treatment

Cystic acne is an eye-popping woe of young adulthood. According to the National Institute of health, eight in ten people develop acne between the ages of 11 and 30. When you take a quick survey of a subway, everyone does not have the same acne type.

The painful, swollen, and red pimple is cystic acne - the type that leaves scars. Unfortunately, researchers have not fully understood the causes of acne cyst. However, there are new and improved cystic acne treatments, and a lot you can do at home to tame and prevent scars on your pretty face.

Find the Best Sunscreen for Melasma and Bask in the Light of the Sun

best sunscreen for melasma

Many people have melasma.

It is a skin condition which forms dark brown-grey and tan patches on the face, most often on the cheeks, nose, chin, upper lip and forehead.

It also sometimes appears in other places that are exposed to the sun such as the forearms and neck.

Melasma causes no physical discomfort, but dark marks on the face can cause embarrassment and loss of self-esteem (1).

Melasma can be treated, but unless best sunscreen for melasma is used to prevent damage by the sun's ultraviolet rays, the unsightly spots will return.

Apply the Best Sunscreen for Rosacea and Enjoy the Sunshine

best sunscreen for rosacea

Rosacea is a widespread condition affecting around sixteen million Americans (1), around one in every twenty people.

Since it affects the facial skin, Rosacea tends to have a negative impact on the self-esteem and self-confidence of sufferers, and many withdraw from society (2).

This article examines the condition and the management of the disease. It ends with a review of the best sunscreen for rosacea.

Rosacea is a thickening and reddening of the facial skin. It is a chronic condition that is not curable, but it is treatable.

The condition often starts as occasional reddening of the skin and eventually, the redness becomes more permanent and is often accompanied by dry skin and small lumps.

Oh Yes! How to Make Keto Deserts That Won’t Make You Fat

keto deserts

When you embark on the Keto diet, you are required to reduce your carbohydrate intake to less than fifty grams a day. 

After a short while, this forces the body to go into ketosis, and the body no longer relies on blood sugar for energy but starts to use the body’s built up store of fat instead.

This is why it is a useful way to lose body fat without losing muscle mass (1).

It is also an easy diet to follow as there is no need to count calories or to weigh food as long as you understand the process and the foods that you may and may not eat.

You Want a Mane to Be Proud of but Does Biotin Cause Acne?

does biotin cause acne

Recently biotin has been rising in popularity.

This is because the vitamin has gained a reputation as an excellent way to overcome hair loss and strengthen the nails.

It is an inexpensive over the counter vitamin but the question that many are asking is does biotin cause cancer?

Acne is an embarrassing condition where blackheads and blemishes appear on the skin.

It typically occurs when there is oily skin on the face, neck, and back.

A buildup of dead skin cells, dirt, and oil, can become infected by bacteria and lead to inflammation and acne.

How to Choose the Best Wave Brush for Your Hair

Best Wave Brush

With the ever-changing trends, people change their hairstyles quicker than the weather.

Men and women are looking for the best wave brush for this summer to create the perfect summer hairstyles of their dreams.

Wave brushes also do help to achieve that most coveted beach waves.

Say goodbye to spending money on hairstyling tools and products just to achieve and maintain your luscious waves.

The Egg Fast Diet: How to Lose Weight in a Matter of Days

Egg Fast

We’re in the world where there are tons of new diets like egg fast, and workout routines like Yoga, Zumba, and others which people follow, and some others swear by to stay fit and healthy while others follow the regimen to lose weight.

These regimens are also for people who want to cleanse their bodies from toxins which might cause diseases in the long run.

Top 10 Best Black Seed Oil Review 2018

best black seed oil

For thousands of years, man has known many of nature’s remedies, using herbs, seeds, roots and stems to cure disease, soothe aches and pains and prevent infection.

Many of these ancient remedies have now been researched, and many are very effective in many respects.

One of the most remarkable of these ancient remedies is Black Seed Oil, said by Mohammad to be a cure for everything but death.

We’ve investigated the research to find the best black seed oil and to discover the health benefits on offer.

How to Choose the Best Essential Oils to Repel Bugs?

Essential oils are harvested from aromatic plants and many have proven insecticidal properties. Find out all you need to know about essential oils to repel bugs

Insects surround us in the millions. They are necessary to the environment, pollinating plants and clearing away dead debris, but they also carry viruses and bacteria. Mosquitoes carry deadly diseases such as malaria and the Zika virus, fleas are known to have spread the plague around Europe and Asia, killing off vast swathes of the population, and flies carry many deadly pathogens. So in this article, we will shed light on how to use essential oils to repel bugs