A Review of Pregnancy Plus: The Best Prenatal Vitamins on the Market

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When you're pregnant, you will need the best prenatal vitamins to help you get through the pregnancy.

Why? There are certain symptoms you'll be experiencing. It's a whirlwind of a ride, but it still ends up being one of the best things you will ever experience.

Because your body is going through drastic and uncomfortable changes, it will feel as if you are on a roller coaster, constantly going up and down.

From mood swings to morning sickness, a lot of unusual things take happen to you during pregnancy.

Because of these pregnancy symptoms, you may end up losing a lot of vitamins and minerals that you and your baby needs.



Pregnancy Plus will be able to help you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep you and your baby healthy.

Fortunately, prenatal vitamins are the answer to all that, with Pregnancy Plus being one of the most recommended vitamins by many expectant mothers out there.

But what exactly does this prenatal vitamin brand do? Do they work at all? Read on as I show you an extensive review and my experiences when using Pregnancy Plus.

​Regular Vitamins vs. Prenatal Vitamins - Definition of Each

do prenatal vitamins help

During pregnancy you need more vitamins to ensure the health of yourself and your baby

​Prenatal vitamins are those that help tune up your body with what you need in one dosage rather than taking multiple supplements or vitamins.

Because pregnant women need a higher dosage of vitamins to accommodate both her and the baby, they will need more than the vitamins they usually consume, even with a healthy diet.

But what makes them different from the usual multivitamins people take? 

Can't you just continue to take the usual supplements you had taken even before your pregnancy began? Do prenatal vitamins have more iron in them as compared to the usual multivitamins?

What makes the prenatal vitamins better than other forms of multivitamins for pregnant women is both nutrient content, and the amount found. Prenatal vitamins contain the recommended amount needed for pregnant women, while multivitamins have only what is enough to accommodate a person who isn’t pregnant.

For example, there is more iron in prenatal vitamins than multivitamins, as well as DHA, which is a fatty acid known to help with fetal brain and eye growth. Prenatal vitamins are usually high in folic acid, calcium, iron, and vitamin E and D.

Iron and folic acid are especially important, as they are known to reduce the risk of neural tube defects and other birth defects that your baby could develop otherwise. It’s one of the reasons why doctors recommend pregnant women to take prenatal vitamins with high amounts of folic acid (400 mcg per day), which keeps them and their baby healthy.​

prenatal vitamins benefits

Vitamins for pregnancy are essential to having a healthy baby

​Sure, it's okay to take a regular multivitamin instead of a prenatal vitamin, though only for a short time until you can get your hands on the prenatal vitamins. If not, you won’t be able to get enough of the nutrients you need, despite a healthy diet, even if you take very good care of your body otherwise.

​What You Should Know About Prenatal Vitamins

​While prenatal vitamins have their benefits for pregnant women, there are some precautions you will need to be aware of, so you know what to expect. So, if you’re wondering: "Do prenatal vitamins help?" That’s a big yes. BUT, there are things to watch out for.

There are a few mild side effects that some pregnant women may feel when taking the vitamins. Usually, it revolves around feeling queasy or constipated because of the high amounts of iron and other minerals in the vitamins, so you should watch out for that.

To help prevent this, it's best to take your vitamin with a snack or before going to bed. For those who have constipation because of the high amount of iron in the prenatal vitamins, you can follow these tips:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Add more fiber to your diet to relieve constipation
  • Exercise more and engage in a bit more physical activity in your daily life, as long as it is accepted by your doctor
  • Your doctor may prescribe a stool softener

If you still have these side effects, then it's best to see your doctor for other options and solutions.

Also, remember that while prenatal vitamins are potent to accommodate you and your baby’s nutritional needs, it doesn't mean that they are a substitute for a healthy diet. Make sure that you maintain a healthy diet that is adequate for a woman during a pregnancy, to meet your vitamin and nutrient needs per day.

​Choosing the Best Prenatal Vitamins

So, you now know what a prenatal vitamin is, but which one should you buy?

best prenatal vitamins

What criteria to choose prenatal vitamins?

Key Nutrients

I focused on prenatal vitamins that contain all the key nutrients I mentioned above. In addition to folic acid, iron, iodine, and vitamin D, it’s best to have a sufficient amount of calcium as well, which helps keep you and your baby’s bones strong and fully developed.


The ideal prenatal vitamins should not have any artificial ingredients, such as preservatives, colors, or any dyes and flavors. A natural vitamin will be best for both you and your baby.

This is why I highly recommend Pregnancy Plus, which has helped me a LOT throughout my pregnancy. It possesses all the qualities of an exceptional prenatal vitamin one needs for a healthy body and a healthy baby.

Pregnancy Plus is made from all-natural extracts and doesn’t have harsh side effects. It contains the right amount of folic acid and iron needed to help maintain you and your baby's overall health. It's known as one of the most efficient natural pregnancy vitamins on the market!


Pregnancy Plus will be able to help you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep you and your baby healthy.

​Why Choose Pregnancy Plus?

So, why did I choose Pregnancy Plus over other prenatal vitamins? Mainly because it contains all the nutrients both mother and baby needs for ultimate health while being made from all-natural ingredients without worry of toxicity or major side effects.​

a good prenatal vitamins

Pregnancy Plus provides many essential vitamins that the mother and baby need​

​Pregnancy Plus provides a complete and balanced amount of nutrients such as biotin, vitamin D, magnesium, and iodine, all of which are crucial to the development of your baby while keeping you healthy throughout the pregnancy.

And of course, it contains the essential components all pregnant women need most, which is folic acid and iron.

Studies have shown that these two nutrients have been known to help with the baby's overall development during pregnancy, from preventing serious birth defects down to producing the proper amount of red blood cells to avoid anemia or premature birth. All that at a low cost that’s worth the investment!

Other than that, here are more benefits one can reap from taking Pregnancy Plus​

Better Immune System​

Studies have shown that pregnant women are more susceptible to diseases, especially in their advanced stages. Because of Pregnancy Plus, I am happy to say that I have not suffered from any serious illnesses. In fact, my instances of getting a common cold or a cough have lessened over time because of these prenatal vitamins!

Folic Acid

Studies have shown that folic acid is known to reduce the risk of birth defects and autism. It can also help your baby’s brain and spinal cord, and prevent the risk of anemia or blood-related disorders as well. With a healthy amount of folic acid, like what Pregnancy Plus contains, you can feel confident that you will conceive a healthy and happy baby.​

Bone Development​

Pregnancy Plus contains calcium and magnesium, which is vital to bone development. The correct amount of calcium in your diet will help to ensure your baby’s proper skeletal development and prevent you from becoming calcium deficient. The magnesium can also encourage growth and increase your baby’s birth weight.

Pregnancy Plus also includes vitamin D, which helps with your baby’s bone and teeth development. Vitamin D helps your body to absorb the calcium in your diet.

Biotin and Iodine

Biotin is one of the vital B vitamins found in Pregnancy Plus, which helps maintain you and your baby’s vital organs. It’s crucial for embryonic growth while keeping you healthy as well, to avoid any complications in the long run.

Iodine helps regulate both your thyroid and your baby’s metabolism, which will help you utilize your energy consistently while aiding in developing your baby’s brain and nervous system.


One of the common conditions mothers and babies suffer from during pregnancy and after birth is anemia, which is an excessively low amount of red blood cells in the body.

With the substantial amount of iron in Pregnancy Plus, it can help boost your levels of red blood cells, preventing anemia and keeping you energized.

These are the primary reasons why I recommend Pregnancy Plus for any mother. It has all the vitamins a pregnant woman needs per day in just one dosage, so you won't need to worry about you or your baby's health in the long run.

Comparing it with other leading prenatal vitamins such as New Chapter or Garden of Life, I can say that Pregnancy Plus is most recommended because of its high content of folic acid.

It has the correct amount suggested by medical providers compared to other brands and it contains calcium and DHA to help your baby to grow a healthy brain, heart, and body. Also, Pregnancy Plus is a small tablet that’s digestible and easy to swallow, rather than a big tablet or gummy like other brands.

You’ll love how Pregnancy Plus has the complete list of recommended vitamins at the recommended dosages, because there are many prenatal vitamins out there that only focus on the folate and neglect the other necessary ingredients such as DHA, iodine, calcium, and magnesium.

Plus, you only need one a day which has a dosage proper for your needs for the entire day (with the right diet, of course!).

Pregnancy Plus 1 Bottle


60 Capsules

30 Days

Pregnancy Plus 3 Bottle 1 Free


240 Capsules

120 Days

Save about 25%

Pregnancy Plus 2 Bottle


120 Capsules

60 Days

Save about 5%

​Any Side Effects from Pregnancy Plus?

While there are no major side effects, take note that you will still need to consult a doctor before taking Pregnancy Plus. Some women have reported experiencing nausea or diarrhea, though this is a usual reaction to any vitamins taken during pregnancy.

​How to Use Pregnancy Plus

Using Pregnancy Plus is a breeze. All you need to do is to take it once a day (preferably before bed to avoid feeling queasy in the morning). Pair it with a healthy diet, and continue with your daily activities. Of course, follow your doctor’s advice as well while taking it.

It’s recommended to take prenatal vitamins like Pregnancy Plus even before conception for a better chance of conceiving. You should start your prenatal vitamins within the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy and continue throughout your pregnancy while following your doctor’s instructions.

You'll feel like you have a lot more energy, healthier bones, and a beautiful glow once you begin taking it. Plus, you have the assurance that you and your baby will be healthy throughout the pregnancy, as it's known to help improve your immune system and make you less susceptible to common illnesses and diseases.


Pregnancy Plus will be able to help you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep you and your baby healthy.

In Conclusion

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable experiences in one's life, though you will need to make sure that you are equipped with the right vitamins that will replenish any lost nutrients as you experience certain symptoms and changes in your body. Pregnancy Plus will be able to help you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep you and your baby healthy. Because this prenatal vitamin is very effective and has very few side effects, I would recommend this to all the pregnant mothers out there!

I hope that this article on the best prenatal vitamins helped you become more knowledgeable on which vitamins to invest in for a better experience while you are pregnant. So, what are you waiting for? If you are expecting and need prenatal vitamins to replenish your body, then invest in Pregnancy Plus today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your reviews and experiences with Pregnancy Plus, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you think.

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