What Is The Best Nature Made Fish Oil Review In 2017?

This nature made fish oil review will help you choose a clean, high quality and affordable omega-3 supplement. As you may be aware, Omega 3 supports various body functions including maintaining a healthy heart, blood pressure, blood circulation and mental faculties among others. But, with all the products in the market, how do you choose a high quality, natural fish oil that has a friendly price tag?


Why Should You Take Nutritional Supplements?

As mentioned, omega-3 is one of the nutrients that your body needs for day-to-day functions. If you are consuming adequate omega-3 fatty acids, your body is protected from problems such as heart disease, joint pains, arthritis, kidney diseases, premature aging, poor memory, fatigue and many others, according to many research studies.

But most people do not get adequate omega-3 from the food they eat. A nature made fish oil review like this helps you to understand why you need to take a supplement as an alternative source of these essential fatty acids.

nature made fish oil review

We will help you understand what you need to do to keep your body working as seamlessly as possible. We will also show you products that can provide the best replenishment for your body to help you achieve this. Studies have found out that taking an omega-3 supplement improves your health including cardiac health, according to the American Journal of Physiology.

Who Should Use Fish Oil?

Both young and old take fish oil to improve overall health. It is especially useful for people with the following conditions:

  • High triglyceride levels
  • High risk of heart disease
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Expectant women
  • Growing children
  • Children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD)
  • Bipolar disorder – for complement treatment
  • To slow down weight loss in people with cancer
  • Those with or at risk of high blood pressure
  • Women with painful periods
  • As a cancer prevention measure
  • Support kidney function
  • To manage psoriasis
  • Improve rheumatoid arthritis
  • To lower the risk of stroke

How to Choose the Right Natural Fish Oil Supplement

When you search for nature made fish oil review, you will come across many types of fish oil and omega-3 products which can be confusing. However, knowing that you are looking for a product made with natural fish oil can help. You also need to note that the fish oil contains the two essential ingredients: EPA and DHA.

What to Look For In a Health Supporting Omega 3 Fatty Acids Supplement

  • Made from natural fish oil
  • Contains triglycerides as opposed to ethyl esters
  • Made from deep sea fish oil that is less likely to be contaminated
  • Well packaged to avoid post-production contamination
  • Easy to take
  • Friendly price
  • Adequate but not excessive DHA and EPA

Dr. Weil, recommends that an adult should take 700 - 1000mg daily, and 200 - 500mg daily of EPA and DHA respectively. Other nature made fish oil review experts recommend 500mg daily. The World Health Organization recommends a daily intake of 300 to 500mg of omega-3. According to Consumer Labs, in case you are taking omega-3 oils for a medical condition, you may need to take higher amounts.

nature made fish oil review

Going by these different figures, and considering the inefficiencies of absorption especially in the elderly, an average amount of about 700mg per day would be a reasonable intake. The DHA and EPA contained in a daily intake of Nature Made Fish Oil is 720mg.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), excessive amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke, nose bleeding and blood in urine.

Side Effects of Fish Oil

Nature made fish oil reviews shows that fish oil is safe for use by most people when taken in small doses (not more than 3 grams per day). High doses can lead to the inability of blood to clot, which can increase the risk of bleeding (hemorrhage).

Other side effects include:

  • Belching
  • Heartburn
  • Bad breath
  • Nausea
  • Rash
  • Loose stools
  • Nosebleeds
  • Allergic reactions in people with fish or seafood allergy

Nature Made Fish Oil vs. Plant-Omega Supplements

There are many omega-3 supplements in the market. These products come from both fish and plant sources, following different processes and some claims made in the product descriptions might be misleading. It follows that arming yourself with proper information will help you choose a fish oil source of omega-3 that contains the benefits that your body craves.

Plant sources of omega-3 do not have the essential fatty acids known as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Plants such as flaxseed contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which your body has to synthesize into the beneficial DHA and EPA. Considering that your body has limited capacity to convert ALA to EPA and DHA, natural fish oil as in this nature made fish oil review is more beneficial than plant-sourced omega supplements.

nature made fish oil review

Natural Fish Oil vs. Processed Fish Oil

Besides plant-sourced omega supplements, you may come across processed fish oil supplements. Processing changes the structure and efficiency of the fish oil. Natural fish oil comes in the form of triglyceride which the body can readily absorb. By contrast, processed fish oil comes in the form of ethyl ester. Processing changes the nature of the fish oil which makes it harder for the body to absorb.

This means that taking triglyceride-based nature made fish oil is healthier than taking ethyl ester-based fish oil supplements.

If you are 50 years or older, and are not taking health supporting supplements which include vitamins, minerals, and omega-3; you could be setting yourself up for blood pressure, cardiac, vision and memory problems. Remember that your body becomes less efficient at processing nutrients with advanced age and supplementing gives it a helping hand.

Omega 3 fatty acids which include EPA and DHA help to maintain your good health by supporting the following:

Benefits of Taking Nature Made Fish Oil Supplements

Using this nature made fish oil review, you can find an omega 3 product that supplies your body’s requirements of EPA and DHA. The Journal of the American College of Nutrition reports that taking omega-3 helps relieve stiff and aching joints. The study also indicates that results are apparent within days of using omega-3. A case in point is a study of the effects of omega-3 use on joints aches and stiffness. It reported 20.3 percent and 22.8 percent improvement in stiffness and mobility respectively, within seven days of use.

Studies have also shown that omega-3 fatty acids support heart health and blood circulation. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that omega-3 oil helps to regulate blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Studies show that people who eat more fatty fish or take omega-3 oil have better circulation and heart health and are less likely to suffer from circulatory and cardiac problems.

To see just how many body functions nature made fish oils supports, watch this video

5 Best Nature Made Fish Oil Review

#1 - Nature Made Fish Oil 1200



Our rating

Nature Made Fish Oil is produced from deep sea fish. It is purified to remove contaminants and packed to keep clean for long so that when you order several bottles, you can be sure nothing will happen to them before opening. This nature made fish oil review product contains adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids without going overboard. Fish oil supports your heart, circulatory and mental health. These factors are critical in keeping you feeling healthy so that you are active and independent well into your senior years.

On very rare instances, someone may get a slight but fleeting stomachache upon taking the fish oil for the first time. We highly recommend Nature Made Fish Oil as a daily omega-3 supplement.


  • Certified by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), which is responsible for certification of medicine and food supplements
  • Two pills contain EPA and DHA equivalent to 2 servings of fish
  • Produced from deep sea fish
  • Purified to remove contaminants
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • 200 fish oil soft gels in each bottle
  • 720mg omega-3 daily intake from 2400mg of fish oil
  • Great packaging
  • You only take once a day unlike others which you have to take with each meal
  • Great price


  • Some people may experience a stomachache at the beginning, but this goes away
  • Slight fishy taste, nothing serious

#2 - Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil



Our rating

Dr. Tobias Omega Fish Oil is very potent at 600mg DHA and 800mg EPA. Dr. Tobias' is a great product to supply your daily needs of omega-3 fatty acids. Your body requires omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain it in good working order.

Our nature made fish oil review shows that Tobias omega fish oil can help relieve your sore legs, improve your memory and skin condition. It will also calm you down enough to sleep. This product is a satisfactory choice, especially if you have a condition requiring high amounts of omega-3. However, the daily intake is a bit higher than the optimum. You might also find the capsules to be too big. Note that the recommended intake is three capsules daily.


  • No fishy burp
  • Sweet tasting like whey protein
  • Made with natural fish oil
  • Reduces soreness in feet and back
  • Improves eczema
  • Comes with complimentary healthy living videos
  • Better memory
  • 600mg DHA, 800mg EPA per daily intake
  • Improves arthritis
  • Better sleep


  • Too big size
  • Burp if taken on an empty stomach
  • Causes allergic reaction in some users

#3 - Viva Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil



Our rating

Viva Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil is an excellent product. It is very potent at 90% DHA and EPA. The daily intake provides a whopping 1880mg of the two essential fatty acids. It is made to the highest standards using a unique process. This nature made fish oil review admits that Viva Naturals is the product to choose if you are looking for high content omega-3 for a medical condition for which requires a combined 1880 mg of EPA and DHA daily intake. However, I don’t feel that Viva Naturals product is appropriate for routine omega-3 supplementation.


  • Supercritical extraction process for extra purity
  • Concentrated high strength omega-3 oil at 2200mg per day
  • Produced from cold sea water fish for reduced risk of contamination
  • Pure fish oil with no additives
  • Two soft gels per day
  • Improved bioavailability
  • Made from small fish such as mackerel and anchovies for higher cleanliness and less odor
  • 90% EPA and DHA in each soft gel with the other 10% being other fish oils and fats
  • IFOS 5-star certified
  • Stabilized for maximum absorption


  • Funny smell that is off-putting for some people
  • Excessive amounts of omega-3 at 1,400mg EPA and 480mg DHA
  • Some people experience some level of indigestion

#4 - Coromega Omega3 Squeeze Packets



Our rating

A satisfactory product with a combined 650mg DHA and EPA in the recommended daily intake. Coromega Omega 3 is made from wild caught fish from the deep seas to ensure a lowered risk of contaminants. The packaging ensures that you only open one packet at a time, leaving the rest intact. The orange flavor means that this product appeals to young children. Also, the product has been tested by a third party to allow for an outsider’s input.

However, some users have complained of product inconsistency in color from batch to batch. Our nature made fish oil review reveals that the packaging doesn’t work as well as it should, and it can accidentally cut your lip as you suck on the gel. For these reasons, we feel Coromega Omega needs some tweaking.


  • Molecularly distilled
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • 650mg of DHA and EPA per packet
  • From wild caught fish
  • Squeeze packet
  • Can take in several ways
  • Emulsification makes it better absorbable
  • Third party tested to confirm purity
  • Single serving packets
  • Orange flavor


  • Foil can cut your lip when taking the fish oil
  • Dark mass
  • Causes heartburns in some people
  • Some people dislike the taste
  • Contains other ingredients beside fish oil - orange juice, stevia, etc
  • Some people get headaches after using it
  • Packet doesn't open clean and causes a mess

#5 - BioScience Nutrition Omega 3 Fish Oil



Our rating

Bioscience Nutrition Omega 3 is a great product with great packaging. It is also a highly potent product at 2250mg of DHA and EPA per daily intake which makes it the product with the highest potency of the five products in this nature made fish oil review. Bioscience Nutrition Omega 3 makes it a clear winner for those searching for a high strength omega product for the management of medical conditions requiring loads of omega-3 fatty acids.

The fish oil supplement package says to take three pills per day, which you might find a little too large. Coupled with its high potency, we would not recommend it if you are looking for a routine, preventive supplement.


  • Highly potent at 2100mg of EPA and DHA according to the label
  • Soft gels to be taken at the rate of 3 per day
  • Ocean wild caught fish
  • GMO free
  • Certified purity by FDA and GMP


  • Some fishy burps
  • Some people complain of increased need to visit the bathroom
  • Pills too big
  • Some people find it a bit expensive
  • Capsules stick together and burst when you try to separate them
  • Label misleading, to get the high potency you have to take three big pills per day
  • Lemon-fishy taste offsetting to some


Having stuck with me and read this nature made fish oil review, I would hate to leave you hanging and wondering which one to choose. Of course, you would be free to try several brands of natural fish oil supplements first. But this may not be necessary.

After all, I have picked some of the best natural fish oil supplements, tried them, talked to other users and conducted research to find out the best of the best. And, while I cannot tell you what to choose, my choice would be Nature Made Fish Oil 1200mg.


Because it fulfills all the requirements of an omega-rich natural fish oil that we discussed earlier including the following

  • Made from natural fish oil
  • Should contain triglycerides as opposed to ethyl esters
  • Made from deep sea fish oil that is less likely to be contaminated
  • Well packaged to avoid post-production contamination
  • Easy to take
  • Friendly price
  • Adequate but not excessive DHA and EPA

Nature made fish oil review of our choice product shows that it contains 720mg of EPA and DHA in a daily intake which is the closest to the recommended daily intake that we agreed on earlier in this discussion.

For more questions and suggestions, keep them posted in the comments section. If you like this article, please feel free to share it!​

Robert Williams

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