The Best Hooded Hair Dryer 2018 – Style Quickly, Look Pretty!

Are you in a pinch looking for the best hooded hair dryer to buy? Great! Let us help you learn more about hair dryers so you can say adieu to bad hair days!

Whether you’re running a salon business or simply a die-hard hair enthusiast, having the right tools to help you with your styling activities is always a handy perk, especially if you have one of the best hooded hair dryers on board.

Hooded hair dryers, after all, are responsible for keeping your hair in tip-top shape. Whether you’re sporting a long or short, thin or thick, naturally straight or wavy hair, the best hair dryers can do wonders for your locks just the same.


What Is a Hooded Hair Dryer Anyway?

best hooded hair dryer reviews

Hooded hair dryers, in principle, function in the same way as any other handheld dryer would but with added convenience. You get to style and dry your hair evenly compared to drying it one section at a time. As an added benefit, you get to reduce the cramping you feel in your upper arm because of sustainably lifting your hand at head-level to distribute the dryer’s heat.

Fun fact:

Did you know that the first-ever hair dryer was a hooded one? It was invented in 1890 by a French stylist named Alexander Godefroy.

Now, getting a hooded hair dryer is easy, but getting the best hooded hair dryer is a different case. How do you differentiate the great from the not-so-great?

Top 3 Things Only the Best Hooded Hair Dryers Have

Hooded hair dryers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made for industrial use, like in the case of salons and professional hair styling spas. Others are made for home use, perfect for women who like to keep their long black locks looking alive and bouncy. And although the use of hooded hair dryers ranges widely, from deep conditioning to personal styling, common attributes are still shared by the best ones.

1. The Best Hooded Hair Dryer Distributes Heat Evenly

If you are currently considering several options of hair dryers at the moment, then you might want to check out their features with regards to heat distribution. It is one of the reasons why you are opting to buy a hooded type over the handheld type in the first place. Try checking if the dryer has a setting or control for the regulation of heat. Those with adjustable features tend to work better for a variety of cases.

best hooded hair dryer for natural hair

2. The Best Hooded Hair Dryer Can Be Adjusted to the User’s Height

The advantage you can get from this feature is pretty obvious. If the hooded hair dryer doesn’t have a lever to adjust the height of the pole, then you’ll encounter all sorts of problems and the most crucial is discomfort. Imagine having to stoop over or tip-toe just to fit your head into the gear—I may be using a rather extreme example here, but bizarre things can happen, take it from someone with firsthand experience.

3. The Best Hooded Hair Dryer Has a One-Size-Fits-All Kind of Headpiece or Gear

Getting a hooded hair dryer that barely gives your head some breathing space can be quite problematic, especially if you’re someone who likes to try on different hairstyles. In this scenario, getting a hooded hair dryer that’s roomy can be your best bet. You can use traditional rollers to create big wavy curls, or instantly fit your thick African-American afro—styled hair without running into much trouble.

Moreover, like any other equipment, hooded hair dryers can be dangerous, too if not used correctly, of course. As great as it is, you still need to take precautions when using it.

The Potential Dangers of Using a Hooded Hair Dryer

I know I made this section sound a little too serious, but hooded hair dryers are safe when you have a keen eye for quality—and you don’t skip reading the manual. But true to the nature and responsibility of my profession, allow me to brief you with some of the worst situations that are likely to happen when you have no idea what you’re doing or buying.

1. Hair Damage Due to Overheating or Low-Quality Hooded Hair Dryer

best brand hood hair dryer

Many studies have associated heat with hair damage, may it be affecting the follicle or strands. Nonetheless, hair dryers have been found as one of the main culprits. Continuously exposing wet hair to high heat has also been positively correlated with having Bubble Hair, which is when hair strands become so brittle they break too easily because of bubbles formed inside the hair fibers.

But this is only proven true for people who use hair drying mechanisms in close contact (e.g., curling irons) or for prolonged periods. However, it is still essential for a hooded hair dryer to have a built-in heat control feature. Otherwise, the risks of getting your hair damaged remain high.

Meanwhile, some studies depose the notion of hair dryers causing hair damage and claim that the damage can be brought to a minimum as long as the hair is dry and the heat source is kept at a good distance from the hair’s surface (i.e., 15 cm).

2. Minor Burns Caused by High Heat Emission

Any heated object that comes in close contact with the surface of the skin can cause blisters and burns—this much is obvious. Although most scalp burns are aftermaths of using direct-contact hair styling apparatuses (e.g., curling hair irons), the steamy air that is produced by hair dryers can sometimes be too hot for our poor, thin scalp to handle. This leads to minor burns which are relatively risky, especially when you’re using chemical-based hair treatments.

What Can You Do to Maintain Healthy Hair While Using a Hooded Hair Dryer?

1. Comb or Brush Hair Before Washing It

Get rid of tangles, knots, and (possibly) mattes formed in the strands of your hair before washing. Scrubbing your hair while neglecting proper preparation may cause tangles to worsen and consequently, lead to weak strands and hair breakage.

best hooded hair dryer for curly hair

2. Avoid Using the Hooded Hair Dryer Directly After Wash

Newly washed hair contains the most water content. Allow your hair to sit for a while until semi-dry before using a hooded hair dryer.

3. Refrain or Do Not Use a Barrel Brush

According to celebrity hairstylist Trevor Sorbie, using a barrel brush thins the hair and puts it under a lot of stress. This causes hair to grow weak and dull, especially if used simultaneously with hair dryers.

4. Moisturize Skin Exposed to the Heat

This isn’t about hair but still an essential point to take note of. The nape, ears, and upper lining of the forehead are the most susceptible to getting minor burns if left unprotected. Before using the hooded hair dryer, it would be best to apply moisturizers on these areas.

5. Consistently Apply Hair Treatment or Conditioning While Using the Hooded Hair Dryer

In salons, hooded hair dryers are often used for deep conditioning. Why not practice it at home, too?

Yes, we’ve made a fuss over hair dryers, but the real question is "What hooded hair dryer is best for you?"

Top 5 Nominees for the Best Hooded Hair Dryer 2018

I took the liberty to scout and searched for the best hooded hair dryer online using the following criteria:



Quality of Material

Must be durable and long-lasting; preferably with the heating pad made of stainless steel since the whole drying process involves a lot of moisture

Adjustable Features

Must be user-friendly and can adjust to the preferences of a variety consumers

Can be Self-Assembled

Can be assembled easily by the user; no need for external or professional help

Consumer Trust

A history of good reviews and customer approvals

Model Design

The design should be modern, convenient, and stylish; can be used at home or for business

Without further ado, here they are:

Hooded Hair Dryer Devlon Northwest For Home Use



Our rating

Devlon Northwest gives us an affordably priced hooded hair dryer that can rival any other high-end salon quality hair dryer—or so they say. It has an adjustable height from 142 cm to 173 cm. Powered by 800W that runs on 120V, this hair dryer also makes it possible for you to adjust temperature up to 80°C. To top these off, it comes with an ON and OFF switch and three fan speed settings.

Although this hooded hair dryer doesn’t have any special feature added to it, still, it functions almost the same as all the other hair dryers do. This Devlon Northwest product is a cheaper alternative to a hooded hair dryer, and it works just as fine as the other four. So if you’re looking to buy one for personal use and don’t want to get yourself bankrupt by doing so, then this may as well be a great match for you.


  • Adjustable height, temperature, and fan setting so you can find the right combination to suit your hair type and style.
  • It has lower wattage which means lower electricity charges
  • It doesn’t create a loud, disturbing sound while operating
  • Easy to set up


  • The item may take time to warm up.
  • Too little extra space for your big rollers
  • Needs converter for the power outlet

Hooded Hair Dryer Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W for Home and Salon Use



Our rating

This hooded hair dryer launched by Pibbs has a power of 1100W that runs on a voltage of 110-125V. It weighs roughly 12 kilograms and can stand at the height of 124 cm to 168 cm. With its classic Black color, it will look good mostly in any room. It also has a wheeled stand and temperature and time control dial.

This one is pricey but may be worth every penny for it is built to last. I used to go to a salon that had this model, and it gets the job done right—and ultra-fast! I can somehow attest to its durability because I’ve been going to that salon for almost two years, and they still have the same hair dryer.


  • Drying time is faster (=<30) because of a higher power which in turn makes styling, conditioning, dying, and other hair care activities quick to finish
  • Flexible as it is durable and suitable for both home and commercial use
  • Can cater to most users since it has a broad range of height adjustment
  • It has a thermostat control and warning light which notify you when you’re applying too much heat to your hair.


  • 125V power outlets in homes are rare, thus the need for converters.
  • Price is at least 3x higher than the cheapest one featured in this article
  • Air flows upward to dry, using a hair net or cap is necessary
  • Heavier compared to other featured alternatives

Hooded Hair Dryer BaByliss Pro Ionic Rollabout Wheels



Our rating

Babyliss brings an innovative touch to the classic hooded hair dryer we have come to know and love. This five-wheeled hair dryer is equipped with ionic technology that is said to help nourish and fight frizzy hair. It has a 1600W Power, weighs a little over six kilos, is height—adjustable, and with three temperature settings.

The distinctive feature of this hooded hair dryer is that it’s equipped with Ionic Technology. It is equipped with negative ions while your hair contains positive ions. The dryer your hair is the more positively charged these ions get. Positive ions get your hair cuticles’ open (thus the frizz), so when we apply negative ions (from the dryer), it cancels out the positive ones, thus resealing the hair cuticles and reverting them to their flat state.


  • Heat is adjustable to three different levels. The highest of which still feels comfortable.
  • It uses a high power which means fast-drying and time-saving.
  • It has negative ions that result in less frizzy hair.
  • Easy to assemble and light to carry
  • Can cater to most users because of its adjustable height


  • It doesn’t have a self-timer, so the user needs to turn it off manually.
  • The head bowl may feel a bit cramped especially for those with voluminous types of hair.

Hooded Hair Dryer Anself 900W Professional



Our rating

Anself offers a hooded hair dryer suitable for both home and commercial use. It comes in two chic colors: red and black. It weighs around seven kilos with a maximum height of 162 cm. And, it has an adjustable time and heat feature, and it runs on a 900W power.

This hooded hair dryer is also wheeled which can be very helpful in storing or moving it around the house. If you have an old-fashioned hooded hair dryer with a stationary stand, then opting for this new model is a sound decision. It can reduce the risk of the hood falling off the top of the hair dryer.


  • Because heat is adjustable from 20°C to 70°C, you can find the right temperature that suits your scalp’s heat tolerance. You can adjust the time of up to 60 minutes as well.
  • Can cater to most users as the height is also adjustable and can go down to as low as 136 cm.
  • It’s got its wheels so it can be easily transported.
  • May be durable because the heating mechanism is made of stainless steel.
  • A cheap alternative than going to salons.


  • Setting it up may be a bit of a hassle.
  • Some homes have 220V power outlets so you may have to purchase a converter to adjust the item’s voltage.

Hooded Hair Dryer D Salon Portable Professional With Stand



Our rating

Hooded hair dryers are becoming more accessible and affordable for home use. This one from D Salon claims to be of top salon quality despite the low price. It weighs around 13 kilograms with adjustable height, temperature, and fan settings. The hood has a relatively wide opening (10 ½ inches x 9 ½ inches) so that you don’t have to worry about your head not fitting in. Its hood is made of stainless steel and powered by 980W.

I know some of you have already had this experience. You get out of the shower, spent 45 minutes trying to get your ginormous rollers on to achieve that perfect wavy hair, then finally get to crouch on your seat to get the hood over your head only to find out it won’t fit. Bummer, isn’t it? This hooded hair dryer from D Salon may just be the solution to such problems. With its wide hood opening, it may as well be a surprise to find a head that wouldn’t fit!


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • It can accommodate different head sizes and hair types because of wide hood opening.
  • By far the cheapest alternative among the featured products
  • Can cater to most users as it has adjustable height and hood
  • You can tune the temperature and fan controls to your liking.
  • Wheeled for easy movement
  • Comes with two extra fuses


  • The total package is heavy.
  • The hood carries most of the weight and sometimes causes the stand to lose balance.
  • Needs converter for 110V if power outlets run on 220V
  • Manual is not comprehensive


After a clear and thorough deliberation, I’ve come to two conclusions:

  • All these hooded hair dryers may give you a great experience depending on the nature of your purpose; home or commercial use.
  • With that being said, I decided to pick two victors instead of one for today’s review.

For Home Use

For home use, I believe using the Devlon Northwest Hooded Hair Dryer is a wiser choice. Considering the potential number of people using the product, buying this hooded hair dryer brand is more practical for the most obvious reasons:

hooded hair dryer for home

For Home Use Winner: Devlon Northwest Hooded Hair Dryer

1. The product itself is cheap and requires lower electricity consumption.

2. It is a great dryer so long as you don’t exhaust its use. So if you’re just using it at home, turning it on at least once per day, it should stay and service you for a good while.

3. You can do other things like watch TV or read a book because it operates quietly.

For Commercial Use

And, for commercial use, I suggest using Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Hooded Hair Dryer because of the following points:

best hooded hair dryer for salon

For Commercial Use Winner: Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Hooded Hair Dryer

1. It has more power so it is likely that this device can produce more efficient steam to make appointment turnarounds faster. And more appointments mean good business.

2. The adjustability of the controls is much broader compared to the other alternatives so you can change the setting according to what treatment needs to be administered.

3. It has an internal control system that notifies you when something’s not right (e.g., warning light when it gets too hot)

With all these said, I hope that you’ve picked up a thing or two about choosing the best hooded hair dryer that will help you doll yourself up in the nick of time!

If you have questions or recommendations, then feel free to share it in our comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

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