The Best Toothbrush For Braces: Top 5 You Need To Invest In Today

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Do you have braces? Then you know the struggle of looking for the best toothbrush for braces! A good toothbrush for braces is much different than any regular toothbrush. Having braces will require you to invest in a toothbrush that is made of softer material and efficient when cleaning under the pins and wires.

But how will you know what the best toothbrush is for you? Read on as I show you the ultimate purchasing guide about toothbrushes for braces.


Using a Toothbrush for Braces

What are braces anyway? Braces are a tool used to help fix any form of teeth misalignment. Braces aren't for everyone, though. Dentists usually prescribe braces for their patients if they have crooked, crowned or misplaced teeth. The prescription will eventually help make cleaning easier and help prevent tooth decay.

best toothbrush for braces

Braces are a tool used to help fix any form of teeth misalignment

Braces are a bit expensive and you will need to them for at least a year, or until your teeth are properly aligned. Though it may take time, they are a sound investment and will save a lot of trouble down the line, as compared to paying for a lot of dental problems in the long run.

Caring for your teeth with braces is different when compared to maintaining a set of teeth without braces. The most important product you need is a great toothbrush that works well with braces. That’s why I recommend the best toothbrush for braces. It has very soft bristles that will still clean your mouth properly. We'll get to that in the following sections.

Benefits of Using the Best Toothbrush for Braces

There are many types of toothbrushes available out there, but why should you get a softer toothbrush more suitable for braces? Here are some of the benefits using toothbrushes recommended for braces can offer:

Cleans Teeth

The number one benefit all quality toothbrushes have to offer is that they can brush away all dirt and bits of food from your teeth. This will leave your teeth clean and healthy!

No Discomfort

With softer bristles, you have more control and less discomfort, so you are able to brush your teeth and braces without the pain. Using a toothbrush for braces will prevent bleeding of the gums or harsly hitting the wires and pins, which can damage your braces.


While manual toothbrushes give you more control and without the noise, there are electric toothbrushes for braces that have many new features. You can some that include a timer and cleaning modes for efficiency, making it easier and less of a hassle to brush your teeth.

Save Money

Since you're using a toothbrush recommended for braces, you won't need to worry about having to go to the dentist to have your braces or teeth checked after damaging your braces by brushing with hard excessively bristles. It saves you the time and money in the long run, not to mention pain.

Tips on How to Care For Your Teeth With Braces

When you have found a toothbrush suitable for your teeth with braces, the next step is practicing how to brush without feeling any pain.

Here Are Some Tips You Can Follow

best toothbrush for braces
  • Brush your teeth every time after meals. If you are unable to brush your teeth after eating, then make sure to rinse your mouth well to remove most of the bits that may get stuck in your teeth. As often as possible, bring a travel toothbrush and floss.
  • You must brush at least twice a day, once after waking up and before sleeping. The whole procedure should take at least two minutes, or half a minute for each quadrant of your mouth.
  • When I mention brushing four quadrants, be sure to divide your mouth into four sections to make sure you brushed all your teeth adequately. Grip the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle, using only light pressure to avoid injuries along the gum line.
  • Brush both outer and inner teeth, repeated using short strokes. Again, make sure to look out for the wires and be sure to check between your braces to eliminate plaque. Expect a little bleeding, since your braces inflame the gums.
  • Replace your toothbrush at least every three months, or whenever you noticea bit of wear on it since the bristles wear down quickly due to the wires on your braces.
  • Always remember to check in with your dentist at least once every six months.

Below is a video on the process

How to Purchase the Best Toothbrush for Braces

You know what a toothbrush for braces is, as well as how to properly use it to brush your teeth. But do you know what the best toothbrush for braces is and which is best for you?

Here are some tips and factors to consider:


There are three different types of bristles to choose from, ranging from soft to hard. Like I mentioned earlier, it's best to go for softer bristles since excessively hard bristles may harm your enamel and gums, especially considering that you are wearing braces.

Shape and Size

Since everyone has different mouth shapes and sizes, find out which toothbrush head size suits you best.  It's different for everyone. Hold the toothbrush and check its grip, as well as the shape of the brush head. You might have to try a few until you get the one most suitable for you.

Manual or Electric?

While both of these toothbrushes perform well at cleaning your teeth, they each have their pros and cons. Manual toothbrushes are a more affordable choice and can efficiently clean out your whole mouth if used correctly.

Electric toothbrushes have a higher price tag but come with excellent features that will make sure you completely clean your teeth, which is very beneficial for braces.

Top Five Best Toothbrush for Braces Reviews

Based on research, tests, and customer reviews, here are the five best toothbrushes for braces




Our rating

Dr. Jim Ellis offers an electric toothbrush known to have the most thorough cleaning at home. It offers 40,000 oscillations per minute and has uniquely-angled bristles, making it five times more effective in removing plaque as compared to using a manual toothbrush.

You can choose three-speed variations for efficient cleaning and comfort. It feels as if your teeth and gums were being massaged, even with braces on. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the feeling, which encourages most people to brush their teeth more often.

The toothbrush also has a two-minute timer with a 30-second timer (for each quadrant), so you know you've cleaned all your teeth evenly.

It's great for traveling, because it comes with two extra brush heads and a long-lasting battery that can last for up to two weeks between charges. It's easy to use and for every age and ideal for anyone wearing braces (or not!).

In my personal experience and according to reviews, when it comes to the best toothbrush for braces, the Electric Toothbrush By Dr. Jim Ellis is the best choice.​


  • Three comfortable speeds to choose from
  • Long-lasting battery for up to two weeks between charges
  • Easy to use and ideal for any age
  • Has a timer for quadrants


  • Brush head sometimes comes off while rinsing
  • Not the strongest vibration as compared to other electric toothbrushes



Our rating

Oral-B is one of the most popular brands out there and is known for their great toothbrushes. Their Dual Clean Electric Toothbrush is designed for braces, and has a rounded brush head and soft bristles for comfort and excellent performance.

It has heads that rotate left and right rapidly and a two-minute timer, with high speed rotating action to remove all plaque and dirt found between your teeth and gums. It's compatible with many Oral-B toothbrush heads, so you won't need to worry about finding new replacement parts. Plus, it allows you to select a variety of brush heads according to your preference.

For an electric toothbrush made by a reputable brand with its advanced features, I can say it comes at a very affordable price! It is also a good candidate for the best toothbrush for braces.


  • Holds a charge for up to five days
  • Cleans and whitens teeth
  • Adequately-sized brush head to clean the entire mouth
  • Handy timer


  • No charging light
  • Toothbrush performance reduces as the battery drains, rather than shutting off completely



Our rating

Philips Sonicare offers one of the newest models of electric toothbrushes out there suitable for braces and sensitive teeth. It's known to remove plaque ten times more efficiently than manual toothbrushes and can improve your gum health and teeth color in a matter of weeks.

The brush has five modes to choose from, all of which are comfortable and do a great job of keeping your teeth clean without discomfort. It comes with a complete package, including a charging travel case, three brush heads, and caps. The battery lasts for up to three weeks, which is ideal for traveling.

It has a sleek design, convenient timers, and gives positive results in short time. It might be a tad expensive compared to other electric brushes, but I can say it's a sound investment.


  • Very long battery life of up to three weeks
  • Package suitable for traveling
  • Five different modes to choose from
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • More expensive than other brushes
  • Can't set the mode before turning it on
  • Instructions are vague. You'll need to figure it out yourself



Our rating

The Waterpik WP-900 Toothbrush might come at a more expensive price, but it has a very complete package in just one device. You have a water flosser and toothbrush in one, saving you effort while getting even cleaner teeth. It removes all plaque and bits from between your teeth and gum line, and with efficient performance cleans your entire mouth.

The device is a space-saver and only uses part of your sink to charge both devices. It's as if you just had your teeth cleaned by a professional hygienist and greatly improves your gum and teeth health.


  • Two tools in one device
  • Compact device that saves on space
  • Improves gum and teeth health in weeks
  • Removes plaque and debris while saving water


  • The batteries aren't durable and require replacement
  • Only two speeds available
  • A bit expensive



Our rating

Another incredible toothbrush from Oral-B, the 7000 SmartSeries, is one of the most advanced electric toothbrushes you'll find on the market. For starters, it comes with 3D oscillation and can remove up to 100% more plaque than any regular toothbrush. You also have six different modes to choose from to improve the cleaning quality for your teeth and tongue.

Its greatest feature is the Bluetooth connectivity, which tracks the way you brush your teeth, giving you feedback and tips on how to maintain your teeth while keeping them clean and free of debris from the food you eat. It also provides news and weather updates while brushing your teeth!

It captures all the dirt and prevents your teeth from getting plaque build up or cavities, hitting all the right areas between the wires of your braces.


  • Reasonable price for its features
  • Six different modes to choose from
  • Bluetooth connectivity for feedback on cleaning teeth
  • Gives you cleaner and whiter teeth in just weeks


  • Battery doesn't last long
  • Sometimes stops while brushing teeth

In Conclusion

When it comes to cleaning your teeth with braces, you might find it a bit difficult when compared to brushing with no braces. Fortunately, there are now toothbrushes suitable for braces that you can use, including many brands and toothbrush designs.

best toothbrush for braces

Choose a great toothbrush to have a radiant smile, with or without braces.

Out of all the toothbrushes I have tested and reviewed, the one I recommend most is the Electric Toothbrush By Dr. Jim Ellis. This electric toothbrush does the basic job of keeping you comfortable while brushing your teeth. It also has the ability to gently clean your teeth and gums without causing you any pain and discomfort as well, thanks to the three speed variations and the two effective timers.

Using its soft quality bristles, it will clean all parts of your teeth better than any ordinary soft toothbrush. Plus, the affordable price makes it well worth the investment, considering that it’s an electric toothbrush with a practical design and easy-to-adjust modes. I would recommend this toothbrush for anyone who has sensitive teeth or braces.

I hope that this article on the best toothbrush for braces was informative and will help  you decide what you should invest in for cleaning your teeth. So what are you waiting for? Invest in a toothbrush ideal for braces today and enjoy the superior comfort while using it.

If you enjoyed the article or have any other reviews about the best toothbrush for braces, then comment down below. I would love to know what you think about the subject.

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