How Long Do Tortillas Last? And, What Is The Best Way To Store Tortillas?

Tortillas are probably one of the best thing bakers ever made. Remember those times that you decided to hoard this delicious delicacy? The first thing you probably ask to yourself be this question: How long do tortillas last?

Well, if you decide to store foods the first thing you should check is the expiration date to protect yourself from consuming expired goods.


how long do tortillas last

Check the expiration date

Processed foods always have a "best by" print on its label. Most of the pastry food last for a week after the expiration date. The self-life of foods is not only heavily dependent on the best by date printed on the labels but also the processing and storing methods.

Checking the expiration date is the best way to answer the question: How long do tortillas last.

What are tortillas?

The tortilla is a name of the pastry that is derived from the word “torta” which is the Spanish word for little cake. This delicacy is made up of flour, oil, and salt and then grilled on the stove top. The popularity if tortillas are also growing in some parts of the word and most people enjoy different varieties and recipes of this delicious pastry.

Storing tortillas

how long do tortillas last

How long do tortillas last? We often ask this question when we are planning to hoard foods and to make sure that it will be consumed before going bad.

Tortillas which resemble little pancakes can be consumed for a period of time depending on the type of storage you will use. To give you an insight on how long tortillas last, we prepare here a table showing the amount of time that is allowed to pass after the indicated best by date.

If remained an unopened, tortillas can still be eaten after a period as stated in the table below.

Expiration of tortillas


Corn Tortillas

Flour Tortillas

Spinach Tortillas

Whole Wheat Tortillas

Homemade Tortillas


7-10 days

7 days

7 days

7 days

2-3 days


6-8 weeks

3-4 weeks

3-4 weeks

3-4 weeks

5-7 days


6-8 months

6-8 months

6-8 months

6-8 months

6-8 months

The expiration date or the best by date printed on food labels or containers is the date that manufacturers can guarantee the freshness of their products. However, it is important to point out that this date does not imply the safeness of consuming these products.

The expiration date is probably the most common misconception of consumers. Foods can still be eaten even after the expiration date if stored properly.

How to tell if your Tortillas have gone bad?

Proper hygiene is the main concept of food safety technique. Even if you already know the answer to the questions like, how long do tortillas last, you still need to know the proper hygiene and technique of storing foods. Poor hygiene and food safety technique will lead to foodborne illnesses.

To protect yourself from foodborne diseases, you need to be able to determine if your tortillas are spoiled. How to do it? You only need to use your senses. Human senses may not have a high accuracy in testing the state of your food, but it is still reliable to know if your tortillas have already gone bad.

Manufacturers use different preservatives so; we can't determine the precise time the products will go bad unless tested. Take note also the way you are storing your tortillas. Are you keeping them in a pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? The table above contains the details on the approximate time you can keep your tortillas.

Refrain from eating your tortillas if you notice the following signs:

Tortillas became stiff

Tortillas have supple or soft texture. If the tortillas on your hand are stiff, or hard, then it can be an indication that its expiration date is long overdue.

Spots of mold on the surface

Any sighting of molds or dark spots on your food is a red flag. When spots of mold start to appear on your tortillas, then it is a stern indication that you need to throw it away since it is obviously unsafe for consumption.​

Too much moisture

If your tortillas are slightly damp, then you should be wary of eating eat. Well stored food shouldn't accumulate moisture. Bacteria and viruses often prosper on a wet surface.

Pungent smell

Foods that give off strong unpleasant smell is a clear indication that it is not safe for human consumption.

Health risks are higher when practicing poor food safety technique so, always pay attention to the condition of your food.

How to extend the shelf-life of tortillas?

how long do tortillas last

You should enjoy your food before their shelf-life expired. However, there are other ways to lengthen the shelf-life of your tortillas. These are the certain tips that you should follow

  • Cool, dry environment. The warm and humid environment is the breeding ground of bacteria. To protect your tortillas from bad microorganisms, you need to keep them in a cool and dry environment.
  • Controlled temperature. Another factor to extend the shelf-life of tortillas is the temperature. You need to make sure that the storage is not prone to temperature change. You need to maintain the proper temperature to retain the freshness and quality of your tortillas.
  • Keep it dry. Moisture accumulates inside the package if the temperature changes from cold to warm or vice versa. Molds easily grow on moist food surface, and this will shorten the shelf-life of your tortillas.
  • Use a refrigerator. A refrigerator is a good storage of tortillas. The temperature is controlled, and most households have them. It is best to store tortillas (especially the homemade one under 40ºF after cooking.
  • Keep it in a tight container. Some packages might be damaged or not sealed properly, so it is better to keep your tortillas inside an airtight container to keep them away from any contaminants.
  • Reheat them. Tortillas are more delicious if warm than cold. Bring out the original flavors by re-heating them using a microwave.

How long do tortillas last? You already got the answer above but there are ways to achieve those duration. You can cut food costs and avoid generating more waste if you follow the proper food storage techniques.

How long do homemade tortillas last?

How long do tortillas last? It depends on a particular ingredient. When made at home, you have the freedom to choose the ingredients that you’ll use.

By knowing the ingredients that you use in making tortillas, you can determine which one has the quickest expiration – which is also the perceive expiration of your homemade tortillas.

Conclusion: How long do tortillas last?

How long do tortillas last? If tortillas are stored in a freezer, it guarantees that you can still consume it even after 6-8 months of expiration date. However, storing tortillas before consumption on room temperature is only allowable for one week.

Based on my personal experience, the best way of lengthening the shelf-life of tortillas or any pastry products is by keeping them inside a refrigerator – which is in no doubt; most households own one.

Foodborne illness is rampant nowadays. Protect yourself from such ailments by making sure that the food you're eating is still safe for consumption. The shelf-life above contains reliable information. However, certain cases have different outcomes so any steps and decision should be taken with precautions.

Comment below if you have additional information. Always remember to eat responsibly!

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