What is The Best Know How to Wash Coconut Oil Out of Hair?

Due to the advancement of knowledge and increased exposure in the 21st century, you will often find people adopting and carrying out elaborate methods of healthy living, all done in the comfort of their homes. A few years ago, I had some massive hair breakage, and through a friend, I learned the benefits of applying coconut oil in hair, and how much it restored some of the common hair problems. Very excited, I got started within no time, only to have one primary concern. I had no idea how to wash coconut oil out of hair easily!


How do you wash off coconut oil from your hair without having to struggle to waste your soap and water? Are there specific steps you can follow to actualize this? If at all this has been an issue for you, I will provide a permanent solution, one that has not only been proven but has also been something I have made use of over the years.

There are so many people out there facing the problem I once encountered. Why not give a proper solution? Read on, and get to know the right steps to follow on how to wash coconut oil out of hair.

Why should you use coconut oil on your hair?

  • It has the ability to penetrate into the hair shaft
  • Prevents loss of hair
  • Getting rid of all dandruff
  • Makes your hair shine in a healthy way
  • Coconut oil is so easy to use and apply

Below is a video you might be interested in about how to make coconut oil hair mask.

Why should you wash coconut oil out of hair?

It is important to realize that the scalp accumulated natural and coconut oils through a sebaceous gland. Therefore, lack of cleaning off the oils intensively may lead to dirty clogged hair follicles which end up making you use remedies which are not time-intensive. Eventually, you will get health problems.

How to wash coconut oil out of hair

How easy or hard it is to remove the oil completely, depends on your type of hair, the ingredients and the method used. So what makes it easy for some to get rid of coconut oil from the hair yet so hard for others? Let's first see some of the requirements when it comes to the methodology of washing it off on your hair.

How to prepare ingredients

There being many methods used, we shall look at all the ingredients, then move to the step by step description. Read closely!

  • Using the conditioner method, all you need is a trusted conditioner since conditioners cling to the oil, making it easy to rinse using warm water. Cold water hardens the oil making things worse.
  • If you have used a moderate amount of coconut oil as recommended, then using a shampoo followed by a conditioner would work just fine for you.

It is important to realize that to know how to wash coconut oil out of hair. Only quality products are considered to work best. Don't entertain using any alternative shampoo that contains sulfates. They will ruin your hair. I highly recommend Alaffia brand conditioners and shampoos.

Apart from that, you can only use a teaspoon full of dry shampoo before using the regular shampoo. Apply it to the roots of the hair, and not the tip for more effect.

Alternatively, you could probably replace the dry shampoo with cornstarch or baby powder. Even though many people use them, I would advise you to use the conventional dry shampoo for toxicity purposes.

The use of eggs combined with castile soap has proven to be one of the greatest methods ever recommended whenever people inquire how to wash coconut oil out of hair. Let us see why.

Three elaborate steps of the egg wash remedy!

Step 1 - Basic mixture and application of eggs

Yes, you have read it right. Eggs have been used all over the world for different purposes because of the richness of their nutrients and the availability of active vitamins in them. Because of its ability to cut through grease and oil, an egg is one of the major differences that make people get different results when it comes to washing off the oil. Start by mixing the eggs in a bowl, with two tablespoons of water.

how to wash coconut oil out of hair

Take your time to prepare it, and then apply all of it on your hair, however slimy it may seem. Comb your hair carefully using your fingers, making sure that the mixture has gotten to every part of your hair thoroughly, then sit down and wait for it to dry for around 5-10 minutes. It is advisable that you don't hinder the drying process until the recommended time is over.

how to wash coconut oil out of hair

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Step 2 - The rinsing process

In the process of how to wash coconut oil out of hair, this is one of the best essential processes. Most of the times, people only perform this step immediately after applying the coconut oil, thinking that it will clean up the hair entirely.

The steps complement each other, in that; one cannot work without the other. When rinsing, which is washing off the dried egg and coconut oil, do not use hot nor warm water.

The ideal temperature would be water between cold and lukewarm. I can still remember the very first time I used hot water for rinsing. My head looked like a pan full of scrambled eggs. You wouldn't want that happening. Neither would you want the cold water to make the oil take a firm grip on your hair, making the process cumbersome, right? With the recommended temperature of water, the coconut oil will wash out smoothly!

how to wash coconut oil out of hair

Step 3 - The incredible power of Castile soap

The combination of sodium hydroxide and olive oil leads to the formation of hard white or mottled soap that is well known as Castile soap. If there is a bar of soap that will change your entire experience in washing off coconut oil from your hair, it is this one. Massage it all over your hair and scalp, depending on the amount of coconut oil you used, and then rinse out usually.

The castile soap is any vegetable oil-based soap that you see around. Most people go wrong by using the ordinary well-perfumed soaps which are animal-fat based. With no properties of clearing out the moisture from your hair, this soap is simple and ecological.

Evidently, there are many types of Castile soaps out there, all who perform the same task. However, I would recommend Dr. Bronners Castile soap. Proving to be extremely flexible, you can choose the soap size that you prefer, and use it to do almost everything.

If you have been having problems getting the simplest and most efficient method on how to wash coconut oil out of hair, this is your solution!

Alternatively, you can palm oil instead of coconut oil, which has also proved to be effective. All that matters is how good you wash them off after the simple home based therapy. Many instances of natural hair been destroyed due to lack of proper washing have been evident. Don’t be a victim!

how to wash coconut oil out of hair


Often, curiosity leads to the right things. We choose what to act on from the many things that pass our ears. Something which caught my ear randomly ended up changing my therapy and health life so much.

I no longer have to struggle with washing coconut oil from my hair, and you shouldn't either. Take a moment and imagine how much time you could have saved if you knew this little process sooner. Implement immediately, don't sit on the knowledge, lest it will fade away.

Did you like the detailed tutorial above on how to wash coconut oil out of hair? Share your findings with others, or leave a comment. It will be appreciated!

how to wash coconut oil out of hair

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