Mugwort Benefits: The Best Herb for Your Health

When it comes to health, you'll be able to find some advantages when using herbs. Herbs can come in the form of oils or tea, usually extracted from the leaves of the plant. Amidst the many traditional herbs, there is one we overlook. The Mugwort is not known by many, but it holds a lot of advantages that will help your overall health. Wondering what these Mugwort benefits are?

No matter who you are or what you may suffer from, you will find help from Mugwort. Read on as I show you the things you'll be able to benefit from through using Mugwort.


What is Mugwort?

Like mentioned, not many people know what Mugwort is. With the many types of herbs available for use today, this one may be foreign to you. The video below will give you a better idea of Mugwort in nature.

Mugwort is called the Artemisia Vulgaris, which comes from the name of Greek moon goddess "Artemis." Vulgaris originates from the primary use this herb is known for: to help with the woman's menstrual cycle or for menopause relief.

Mugwort is also called Wild wormwood, Artemis, St. John's plant, Cronewort, or even Chrysanthemum weed.

Mugwort is a perennial plant that can grow up to four feet or higher. One can cultivate Mugwort in any soil, tolerating drought and sunny weather. While the stem is purplish in color, the leaves are dark green and covered with soft hairs. It also blooms pale yellow flowers.

You can use this herb as a tea, essential oil, or even mix it with lemon balm for application of the skin.

mugwort benefits

Mugwort in nature

Mugwort Benefits

Now that you know what Mugwort is, what does it have to offer?

There are many uses Mugwort can help you with, ranging from digestive health to your quality of sleep. Here are the specific Mugwort benefits you can take advantage of.

For Cooking

Similar to other herbs, you have the ability to add Mugwort to give a bit more flavor to your dish. Take note that the leaves are bitter, so if you love that type of taste, then you can add its leaves and flowers to your meal for a more delicious concoction. Plus, you'll be able to take in its health benefits.

You can also use Mugwort for your liquids, with people adding it to their tea or manufacturers flavoring their beer with the herb. It is also an important ingredient in making a traditional Japanese dish: Kusa mochi

mugwort benefits

Kusa Mochi (Plain Japanese Mugwort flavored mochi)


Mugwort is known to help improve the quality of sleep, reducing the chances of insomnia. It works because of its soothing properties, helping you relax in preparation for bedtime.

Another sleep benefit Mugwort can assist you with would be your dreams! Its effect on sleep is one of the more impressive Mugwort benefits. Through inhaling the herb's aromatic scent, you'll be able to have more lucid dreams.

You can either use essential oils or a dream pillow, where the herb's scent is permanently added to encourage better sleep and more dreams.

Mental Health

Just like many essential oils and herbs, you can use Mugwort to treat your mental health. With its relaxing properties, it can help with your anxiety and stress. It's an ideal and natural cure for those who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders.

Studies have shown that this herb will be able to treat mild depression and improve your mood by balancing out the chemicals in your brain. But before that, you'll need to consult your doctor about the dosage, especially if you are taking medicine to treat your disorder.


The aromatic effect the plant is known for can help remove pests from your garden or home. You can use it as an excellent pesticide. It will keep your garden free from any insects that ruin your plants.

The Mugwort also sets in a good mood at home because of its relaxing properties and aromatic scent. Plus, it can kill bacteria found in the air as well. Just make sure that if you do use it as an insecticide for your home, you put the plant in a pot to avoid the Mugwort from spreading throughout the area.

Digestive System

If you happen to suffer from a digestive disorder that leaves you suffering from an unusual flow of your digestive juices or infecting your system, then Mugwort can help you out. Through taking in Mugwort, it can contribute to regulating the movement of your digestive juices while reducing the accumulation of bacteria that may worsen your infections.

It's ideal for both your stomach and intestines, curing digestive disorders and letting waste flow properly.

mugwort benefits

Dry mugwort is also widely used, like fresh mugwort


Like mentioned, Mugwort can help your waste flow. That's because it is a natural diuretic. It's ideal for people who have a chronic renal failure or those who suffer from poor digestion or toxin accumulation.

It can help encourage frequent urination, which removes the excess water, salt, fat, or other toxins (uric acid included!). Mugwort makes you feel lighter, through helping your digestion and increasing your appetite.

Breech Birth

If you are pregnant, the baby would naturally move his head towards the birth canal to get ready for delivery. Unfortunately, this does not happen all the time. Some women may suffer from breech birth, which is when the baby stays in its original position. It is more expensive and difficult to give birth this way.

You can use Mugwort for moxibustion, where its leaves are made into a short stick and burned over acupuncture points. The short sticks help release energy and improve blood circulation. Through this, it reverses the fetus and encourages the baby to prepare for an easier and standard delivery naturally.

Joint Pain

Another one of the best Mugwort benefits made for everyone is its treatment for joint pain. It can help with arthritis or people who suffer from constant body pain. Your joints won't only feel comfortable, but it also improves its mobility and function.

Cancerous Cells

Studies have shown that artemisinins, found in the Mugwort plant, is a toxin. No need to worry, though! This toxin is only poisonous to specific cancer cells.

Another plus is that it's anti-malarial, so it can either prevent or treat this illness. Again, it is thanks to artemisinins.

Menstruation and Menopause

The effect of menstruation and menopause is one of the better known Mugwort benefits women appreciate. If you are suffering from a missed period, the herb can restart the blocked menstruation and improve its regularity. Furthermore, it can also prevent early menopause.

If you suffer from certain menstrual or menopausal symptoms, then the herb can help soothe it as well. It helps with fatigue, headaches, nausea, or abdominal pain.

mugwort benefits

Mugwort is used to regulate menstrual cycles and slow down the menopause


Using Mugwort can contribute to stimulating the functions of all your organs, improving the way it works. From your brain down to your digestive system, you'll be able to enjoy a better and healthier body filled with more energy and happiness.

There are much more Mugwort benefits you can reap, but these are the best that will leave anyone impressed.

In Conclusion

If you are planning to use herbs to improve your overall health, then you must try Mugwort. With the many Mugwort benefits you can reap, you'll be able to see the results and appreciate what this herb can do for your body. Whether you drink it as tea or use it as incense, you'll be able to experience the many wonders Mugwort has to offer.

I hope that this article on Mugwort benefits helped you become more knowledgeable on the herb and how you can find use to it for your overall health. So don't wait any longer! If you want to have a better sleep or help your digestive system, then try using Mugwort today.

If you have any questions or thoughts about these Mugwort benefits, then comment down below. I appreciate any comments and will answer them as soon as possible.

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