The Amazing Benefits Green Tea Has to Offer (Infographic)

If there’s one drink I love (apart from water, of course), it’s got to be green tea! Green tea is a very popular type of tea that comes from Camellia Sinensis leaves. There are many varieties of this kind of tea, but they all hold the similar health benefits that help your mind and body to function excellently. It’s one of the main reasons why I love it so much.


Want to know more about the wonders green tea can do for your mind and body? Check this infographic to see the benefits you can reap from it

green tea health benefits

Precautions When Taking Green Tea

The recommended dosage of green tea is three to five cups a day, so it's best to keep to about three cups a day depending on what your doctor would suggest. Either way, it’s best for just about anyone because it decreases the risk of many diseases while helping your body’s metabolism.

Green tea is very advantageous, but remember that taking in too much of something is bad for you. Yes, even if it's healthy! Here are some precautions you should take note of if you plan to drink green tea:

  • The caffeine found in green tea might not be for those who are sensitive to the stimulant, especially pregnant women and children. Too much caffeine would keep you up at night or have you feel jittery.
  • Green tea can aggravate your ulcers, causing acidity. Those who suffer from stomach acidity and heartburn should avoid drinking too much, as they will suffer from complications such as constipations or stomachaches. Avoid taking it on an empty stomach as well.
  • Too much green tea can also cause an iron deficiency because of its presence of tannins, which prevents iron absorption.

So when it comes to reaping the benefits green tea has to offer, always remember that you need to use the best brand of green tea and consume it in moderation. Balance is key to stay healthy as well!

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