The Outstanding Benefits of Raw Honey for Your Health (Infographic)

Raw honey is a popular natural sweetener that many people love and there are many raw honey benefits one can take advantage of while enjoying the sweet flavor. Whether you put it in your tea or oatmeal, this ingredient is known for boosting your energy and it is high in antioxidants.


After researching this wonder ingredient, I’ve created this excellent infographic to show the various raw honey benefits for health.

raw honey benefits

Raw Honey vs. Regular Honey

What's the difference between raw honey and the regular honey sold in most stores anyway? Besides the added health benefits, aren't they similar in sweetness and health benefits?

Raw honey, as compared to regular honey from the supermarkets, contains its original pollen. This means that it contains all the vitamins and nutrients, as well as antioxidants that fight off viruses and fungus (Also, in case you want to know, dark chocolate is also a powerful source of antioxidants). While it isn't as smooth as most store-bought honey, it is a real natural sweetener that isn't high in syrups and preservatives.

Besides the health benefits shown above, raw honey is also excellent for lungs and known as a cough suppressant and quick remedy for asthma. This is thanks to the pollen that isn’t found in regular honey.

How Much Raw Honey Should You Use?

Remember that too much of something good can also lead to severe side effects, such as imbalanced sugar levels and weight gain from the excess calories you consume from too much honey. So, how much is honey is enough?

Generally, the percentage of ones' total caloric requirements provided from simple sugars should not exceed 10%. Thus, the 180 to 300 calories a day provided from honey is sufficient, unless excessive energy demands allow for additional consumption. - The Honey Revolution

Dr Ron Fessenden

Considering that the average person needs as much as 2,000 calories a day, 200 of those calories could be honey, which is about three or four tablespoons since raw honey has 60 calories per tablespoon.

Ideas on Using Raw Honey for Health

Now that you know about the outstanding benefits of raw honey on health, what are some ways you can use honey to take advantage of its health benefits? Here are some of the ways I love to use raw honey

  • Raw honey has many beauty benefits, too! You can use it on your skin and face as a scrub, which can help lighten your skin and lessen wrinkles and acne.
  • I love adding a serving of honey to my oatmeal. It makes it thicker and sweeter!
  • Adding a serving of honey to your tea or coffee can help soothe your throat and make it taste less bitter.
  • Instead of the usual salad dressings, replace it with raw honey and add a drizzle of it on top of your fruit or vegetable salad to give it a sweet twist.
  • There are a lot of desserts that use honey as well. My favorite is honey cheesecake or biscuits.

In Conclusion

I hope that this article on the various raw honey benefits informed you of what this ingredient can do for your dishes and overall health! So, if you want to sweeten your food healthily, go for balanced servings of raw honey today.

Do you have any questions or would like to share your experiences about using raw honey? Then comment below. I would love to know what you think.

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