When Do Men Stop Growing? The Truth About Your Height

One of the things many people focus on would be their height, especially for men. Men tend to feel manlier and buff the taller they are, so they look for ways on how to become taller. But you might be wondering: "When do men stop growing?" While you might think there is a particular age for all men, it will depend on some factors. Plus, there are some things you can do to become even taller, may it be a temporary or permanent solution.


If you want the real answer to the question "When do men stop growing?", read on as I show you what you need to know about men's height and growth spurts.

What is the Standard Height for Males?

The standard height for mass will depend on some factors. The main two would be genetics and environment. A population of men with similar nationalities would have the same or comparable heights, as compared to other nationalities or people from other countries. It will also have to vary by age.

when do men stop growing

What is the standard height for males?

But for the average middle-aged man (who has stopped growing), the standard height would be 5 feet and 10 inches. But that's in Western countries!

In Asian countries, the average height would be 5 feet and 7 inches. In some areas, it can go as low as 5 feet 4 inches.

While being too small can be a bit discouraging, being too tall can also be disadvantageous, with those over six feet suffering from medical problems that may decrease their lifespan.

When Do Men Stop Growing?

When you give birth to your baby boy, you may have noticed that he starts to grow taller very quickly. But once he reaches two years old, growth begins to slow down, with him gaining about two to three inches a year. He continues to grow like this until he reaches puberty when he's around 10 to 11 years old.

Puberty is the period where he experiences bodily changes, with the growth spurt being the most known one. Depending on genetics, your boy will hit his growth spurt similar to his father's.

So, when do men stop growing? His growth spurt ends once puberty ends, which is also variable, considering genetics. It would usually end when the boy is around 17 to 19 years old, with the whole period lasting for two to five years.

After he reaches the end of puberty, there will only be a small chance of growing taller. He stops growing because the growth plates of your boy's long bones will close. While studies show that men stop growing taller once they hit the age of 19 to 21, there are some chances that your growth plates haven't fully closed yet.

Watch the video below for more information on the human growth facts.

You can check if you are still capable of growing through an x-ray examination. Once you know your growth plates haven't closed yet, you can start following some steps on becoming a bit taller.

Why Am I Taller (or Smaller) Than My Dad?

Your genetics play 60-85% of a role when growing taller. The rest depends on the proper nutrition and sleeping habits you make. BUT, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your food intake and expect to be as tall as your family members despite your poor diet. Location and ethnicity play a role as well, the main reason why you find most people share similar heights in one area or with similar ethnicity.

when do men stop growing

Usually your height will depend on your genes and age

You can determine a boy’s height through this formula: Add five inches to a mother’s height, add that to the father’s height, then divide that number by two. That is your expected height, give or take two inches.

​But have you ever wondered why you’re smaller than all your family members? Not only would genes be at fault here, but by your nutrition and environment as well. If you eat poorly and have an underdeveloped environment, then there are chances that your body won’t be able to produce enough growth hormones to make you taller.

​Following up, can you still grow taller than your parents? Yes, you actually can. As long as you keep your nutrition and practice stretching and good sleeping habits, you can utilize your growth hormones and surpass your parents’ heights. But you can’t exactly expect to grow to seven feet if your parents are five feet tall.

How to Still Look and Grow Taller

There are ways you can grow taller once you find out your growth plates haven't fully closed.

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Make sure that you eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables. Also, drink a lot of water to enhance the NATURAL process of growth.

when do men stop growing

Appropriate diet helps height growth.


Getting the right amount of sleep help your growth hormones functioning properly. If you don't get the right amount of sleep, your body won't be able to produce enough growth hormones. Decaffeinated green tea is an easy way that you can try to get better sleep.


Regular exercise and stretching will help increase the height process. It also helps correct your posture and add about an inch to your normal height! Proper breathing exercises are an excellent way to enhance your the way you position yourself and height as well.

Surgical Procedure

Surgery is the last resort if you want to grow taller. But I do NOT recommend surgical procedures, as they aren't only expensive! They will take a lot of time to do and a painful recovery period.

I also do NOT recommend medicine or artificial growth hormones, unless prescribed by specialists. Most of these height-enhancing medicines are fake and many cause side effects.

Remember that these methods would only work if you are either experiencing puberty or if your growth plates haven't closed. While there is still a chance you'll grow taller even after hitting puberty, don't expect a huge change in your height.

In Conclusion

When it comes to height and growing taller, men want to keep doing so until they reach six feet tall! But take note that it all depends on when you stop growing. While genetics might not make it happen, there are still ways on how you can look taller, even by just an inch or two.

I hope this article answers your question, "When do men stop growing?" Now, you'll be able to follow these tips on how to encourage growth and keep on growing taller until such time comes that you reached a permanent height.

If you have follow-up queries about the question, "When do men stop growing?" or would like to share your experiences about growing taller, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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