How to Get Amazing Results From a Bleach Pregnancy Test?

So, your honeymoon happened a month ago, and now your menstrual period is delayed. In contrast, you had been trying to get pregnant for the longest time, and you feel you might be pregnant now. What will be your next step to confirm if you are indeed pregnant? Have you ever heard of the bleach pregnancy test?

Most women who suspect they are pregnant will automatically grab an over-the-counter (OTC) early pregnancy test. Then, wait for the double line results in a pregnancy strip. Why not use a common household item that is used to fight against germs and makes clothes whiter, such as bleach?


This article discusses this do-it-yourself (DIY) pregnancy test including its advantages, limitations, and the materials needed to conduct the test.

DIY Pregnancy Tests

The sense of urgency to determine early pregnancy gave rise to alternative and DIY pregnancy tests. Aside from bleach, the other household items used to establish early pregnancy are sugar, vinegar, baking soda, and toothpaste. The focus of this article is on bleach because of its advantages and the testimonials mentioned in forums such as BabyCenter.

Advantages of the Bleach Pregnancy Test

There are four main pros of the bleach test. First, bleach is a cheap alternative to early pregnancy test kits. You do not have to rush to the drug store to buy a test kit.

Second, bleach is a household item that is readily available. You can use any brand, whether liquid or powder form. Third, the test can be performed very discretely, allowing you to conceal your condition. No medical instruments are needed.

Lastly, you will know the results in just a few minutes. You can jump for joy immediately if the result is positive. For a woman who is always busy and has no time to visit a doctor, this bleach test is ideal.

bleach pregnancy test

Active Ingredients

Before explaining the procedure, let’s look carefully into the main ingredient in bleach. The main active ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite. There are also other variants of bleach composed of calcium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate, and sodium perborate.

Bleach reacts with the hormone produced by the placenta of the developing fetus, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The hormone is produced naturally during pregnancy and creates a reaction with almost all pregnancy test kits. The higher the content of hCG in the urine, the more accurate the results. In case you are interested, hCG is also used as a weight loss tool. The method of weight loss using hCG is called HCG Protocol. Its main idea is an extremely low-calorie diet, and the amount of hCG hormones are administered via injection.

Materials Needed

bleach indicator pregnancy test
  • 100 ml of bleach (Clorox or any brand can be used but do not use those with dye or the scented forms)
  • 100 ml of early morning urine
  • Clear disposable glass or cup
  • Disposable napkins for cleaning

You may refer to these considerations before proceeding with the instructions:

  • For best results, use early morning urine sample because it has a higher hCG concentration.
  • Perform this procedure in a well-ventilated area since the reaction between the bleach and urine may produce toxic gases and be hazardous to your health.
  • Since you suspect that you are pregnant, you may request another person to perform this test to avoid any toxic reaction related to the fumes.
  • It is recommended to use 100 ml of both bleach and urine. Equal parts of the two liquids are mixed to attain the desired results.
  • Use rubber gloves when handling the bleach if you have an allergy to bleach.


bleach for pregnancy test


Preparation time: Less than 5 minutes

Now that the materials are prepared, you are now ready for the test.

1. First thing in the morning, before doing anything else, take a sample of your urine and put the recommended amount in a transparent cup.

2. In a separate container, put the same amount of bleach. The liquid form is preferred for convenience although you can use the powder form if you don’t have any liquid bleach available.

3. Pour the bleach into the cup containing the urine. Be careful not to overfill the solution since the mixture might produce a foamy reaction that will rise within the container. After pouring the bleach, keep a safe distance since there might be toxic fumes produced.

4. Ensure that the two liquids are mixed well and then wait for a maximum of five minutes for the results.

Predict the Results

5. The foamy bubbles formed may be comparable to beer bubbles. A reaction that forms lots of foam indicates a positive result and possible pregnancy. On the other hand, if there are only a few bubbles such as those observed when pouring stale soda, this indicates a negative result for pregnancy.

Word of caution: If there is no foamy or fizzy reaction in the mixture, you should not immediately assume that you are not pregnant. There is still a margin of error, and the best way to know if you are pregnant is to try a more reliable pregnancy test kit or better yet, see a doctor.

6. After you are done with the test, dispose of the solution by flushing it down the toilet or pouring it into the sink.

You can also watch a video version made by Elle More below.

The results of this bleach test serve as a guide only. Also, leach is a toxic chemical, so be very careful when handling bleach.​

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Limitations of the Test

While this method offers a cheap alternative to OTC home pregnancy kits, the test may be less reliable. The test is not 100% indicative of pregnancy, and as with other options, you need a confirmation from your doctor.

The accuracy of any urine-based pregnancy test depends on the amount of hCG present in the urine sample. The higher the amount of hCG, the more reliable the test will be. Taking the test too early in a pregnancy may make the test inaccurate since the hCG content may still be low. Also, after the first eight to eleven weeks of pregnancy, the hormone declines, and this can make the test results inaccurate.

Will this pregnancy test be reliable if you are taking other medications? There is a possibility of a false negative or false positive results due to medications. The hormone concentration of the urine may be affected by medications such as diuretics, and it is possible this will produce a false result.

Anecdotal Evidence

Most testimonials from people who have tried this test only provided anecdotal evidence. There is still not enough scientific evidence to prove this bleach test is 100% reliable. The majority who tried using this bleach test claimed they obtained reliable results but still sought consultation with a doctor. Use the test only used as a preliminary test.

Testing for Gender

bleach pregnancy gender test

It is impossible to predict fetal gender with a bleach pregnancy test

There is no scientific evidence or studies on the accuracy and reliability of this test in determining the child’s gender. Some testimonials of those who used the test attempted to link the results to the gender of their child and not only to determine pregnancy. The foamy bubbles and the fizziness of the solution are not indicators of the sex of the child. Further studies and evidence are still needed to determine if the gender of the child can be determined using this test.

Conclusion About the Test

Although this method is becoming popular due to its ease of use, there are no available statistics to indicate the accuracy of this bleach test. The test may not be accurate and reliance on its results, whether positive or negative, is within your discretion. The best way to determine whether the test works is through experience. As with any other popularly-used pregnancy test, the final confirmation is still with your doctor.

If your child needs a science project for school, this may provide a simple yet practical experiment. The materials are easy to get and relatively safe. Proper caution must be taken to avoid the toxic fumes that are generated.

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