How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day? (Infographic)

One of the first things I was taught to do as a child was to drink a lot of water. Whether I was sick or just came home after a whole day of playing games with friends, I had to hydrate myself to stay healthy! People always say eight glasses of water is the correct amount of water to drink in a day, but I later questioned if that's always the case. Wouldn't it vary with the age or lifestyle of the person?

After much research on the amount of water one needs a day, here are some things I found out


How much water do you need every day

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Benefits of Water

So your water consumption depends on your gender, as well as your lifestyle. On average, you need to drink at least 9 cups of water if you are a woman and 13 cups if you are a man.

Through drinking water, you'll be able to increase your energy while flushing out harmful toxins. It also helps improve your skin complexion, keeping it toned and glowing. Water also helps maintain your immune system, keeps your vital organs functioning properly. Water is also important for all vital bodily fluids encouraging better digestion, circulation, absorption of nutrients, helps to lose weight, and much more!

Tips on How to Hydrate Yourself Better

As previously mentioned, there are other ways of getting water other than drinking plain water itself, but to help further hydrate your body and to encourage yourself to drink more water, follow these two tips

  • If you want more flavor to your water, then infuse it with your favorite fruits and invest in the fruit infuser water bottle. It not only helps you hydrate with added taste, but you also helps you to get more vitamins and nutrients.
  • Sometimes, people tend to forget to drink water. That's why you should use a jug and label it to remind you when to take a few gulps of this refreshing drink, to help energize yourself.

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