When Do Girls’ Feet Stop Growing? What You Need to Learn

Around the world, you notice that many women are conscious of their feet. Depending on the country and culture they grew up in, the size of the feet would measure your beauty. For girls who grow up, their feet follow suit, growing up until a certain size. It makes you wonder: "When do girls' feet stop growing?"


Whether you want to know for the sake of appearance or to figure out when to shop according to your permanent shoe size, I'll talk about what you need to know when it comes to the woman's foot size and when it will stop growing permanently.

What is the Standard Feet Size for Women?

when do girls' feet stop growing

Standard feet size of women is smaller than men of the same age.

If you have asked yourself, "When do girls’ feet stop growing?" it would depend on a few things, such as the average foot size in your area. The standard feet size in women would depend on the environment and location they are from. Why? Since height is a major factor when it comes to your feet.

But on average, the standard size for women in the UK today would be a size six, which is a huge difference from the size four during the past few decades. In the US, the average foot size would be around 8.5 to 9 today, with many women reaching up to a size 11.

In Asia, many women have a size five to six. But that's because of their small frame. In the past, some countries in Asia performed a foot binding process, where a young girl's feet was purposefully bound tightly to avoid it from growing, as smaller feet are known to be beautiful. Fortunately, this painful process isn't widely practiced anymore.

How to Choose Shoes Based on Feet Length?

Those measurements are according to your shoe size, which you can convert to your feet’s length through this table:

Girls’ Shoe Size

Feet Length


8.5 inches (21.6 cm)


8.83 inches (22.4cm)


8.67 inches (22 cm)


9 inches (22.9 cm)


9.06 inches (23.3 cm)


9.33 inches (23.7 cm)


9.5 inches (24.1 cm)


9.67 inches (24.6 cm)


9.83 inches (25 cm)


10 inches (25.4 cm)


10.17 inches (25.8 cm)


10.33 inches (26.2 cm)

Table corresponds to the size of women's shoes with their feet length

The standard foot size would depend on your height. The ratio of height to foot size would be 6.6:1, so it is every 6.6 inches in height for 1 inch of foot length. BUT, this is just an estimation, and the exact numbers may vary. So for example, if you are 66 inches (roughly 5’6 or 1.68 meters), your feet size would be approximately 10 inches long.

when do girls' feet stop growing

Do your shoes fit?

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When Do Girls' Feet Stop Growing?

Our feet apparently do not stay the same size when we were babies. That's because our bones begin to grow, including the ones on our feet. So exactly when do girls’ feet stop growing?

Depending on individual factors, such as genetics and how you help care for your child's feet. Those who wear tight shoes or apply too much pressure around their feet (like what they used to do in China) will affect its growth.

But as long as your child's feet are well taken care of, and she wears the adequately-sized shoes, their feet will grow and complete 90% of their foot growth by the time they turn ten years old, then stop by the age of 14.

when do girls' feet stop growing

When do girls' feet stop growing? The answer is about 14 years old.

How Does That Work?

From the time your child is born up their fifth birthday, their foot size dramatically increases every two to four months. From then on until the girl turns 14, their feet development would slow down, growing about one centimeter per year and their bones stop growing from there, with only a little bit of growth due to their feet flattening from activities or conditions.

The standard foot length for newborns would be about 3 inches. By the time they are three years old, it would be around 6 inches. At five years old, it grew a whole inch.

By the time the girl turns nine years old, they would start wearing size five shoes in the women section. Once they reach 12 or 13, they may begin wearing a size 8. External factors would depend on this as well. These other factors because your feet will not stop growing, as it may still become bigger as you age.

when do girls' feet stop growing

In some people, feet length continues to grow with age.

So man, you have curiosity when their height stopped growing? Please read this article for more details.

Do Genetics Play a Role in a Girl's Foot Size?

Just like many (or all) aspects of our body, our feet size depends on genetics due to our height. Those who are taller have bigger feet. But today, other factors such as exercise stimulates the foot to become even stronger and more muscular, therefore increasing in size.

It's not JUST genetics that has our feet widen over time, but it's through our weight and age! Our feet size change because of how our ligaments and tendons begin to grow lax as the years pass, especially when putting on the weight.

So even though you're in your 20s and wear a size 6, that may change over time, either from weight gain or other conditions that affect your feet.

when do girls' feet stop growing

Genetics is a major factor affecting the length of a woman's feet, but it is not all.

Those who gain weight as they age will notice flatter or bigger feet. That's because the extra weight would change how you walk. Other times, it could be due to arthritis or diabetes. But as long as you keep healthy and prevent these conditions from happening, you can avoid serious problems or conditions around your feet.

So does that mean when you lose weight, your feet get smaller as well? Yes, depending on how much weight you lose. Most people find that their shoes begin to feel a bit smaller after losing 20 to 50 pounds, at least!

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The Role of Nutrition in Foot Length Growth

Nutrition also plays a very important factor here, because what you eat alters your height and weight. When consuming healthy and natural foods in moderation, you will be able to maintain the ideal weight to avoid gaining too much fat that will leave your feet flat. That’s why it’s best to balance your consumption of pizza and junk food!

Also, eating right and getting the proper nutrients will improve on the way you grow. Like mentioned, the taller you are, the bigger your feet are. Nutrients such as Vitamin C, D, protein, and beta-carotene would affect your height (in a positive way), and in turn, it would also affect your feet’s development.

Can I Alter My Foot Size?

You now know the answer to “When do girls’ feet stop growing?” but can you change the way your feet grow? While you can't make your feet smaller (unless you go through a very painful foot binding process as a child or surgery), there are ways on how you can prevent it from getting bigger.

Here are some tips to follow

  • Using arch support in your shoes will prevent your feet from flattening and getting bigger. I would recommend athletic or walking shoes, especially for those who have intense jobs or walk around a lot.
  • If you aren't wearing shoes, then wear arch support sandals or slippers. Staying barefoot on flat surfaces lead to flattening of your feet.
  • Make sure to wear stable shoes of your size. Have yourself measured for an accurate shoe size with well-trained staff. The trained staff will get you the proper shoes to avoid any discomfort. It would lead to conditions that would hurt or flatten your feet.

Here’s a helpful video explaining how to choose the perfect shoe size for you. It also includes useful tips for choosing shoes.

When choosing the ideal type of shoes for you, I would recommend women to refrain from wearing heels, focusing on footwear like shoes or sandals with the proper support to avoid getting callouses or injured feet in the long run.

Have yourself checked by a doctor to see if you need to lose weight. Losing a substantial amount of weight won't only prevent your feet from further flattening, but also keep you away from any form of injury to your feet due to the extra fat.

In Conclusion, When Do Girls' Feet Stop Growing?

It's best to know when your feet stop growing and how to prevent it from further lengthening since it will not only save you the money but the hassle of looking for shoes as well.

I hope that this article answers your question "When do girls' feet stop growing?" Now that you know more about the size of women's feet and how to measure them, you can easily buy shoes and improve on its appearance today.

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